Juniper Studio is a small design studio based on the borders of Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex. With a minimal style and a passion for all things paper, Juniper Studio create bespoke prints, illustrations and stationery for all of life's biggest milestones.



Hi, I'm Georgina - Founder and Creative Director of Juniper Studio.

I'll be honest, as a designer one of the first things I did after falling pregnant with my daughter was to start scouring the internet (Pinterest, obvs) for nursery inspiration and baby photo / announcement ideas.

I had the decor down, I was quite confident of that (if a kid's room isn't an excuse for a half tone wall then what is) but struggled to find prints that were cute without being cutesy.

So I set to work and when I got a load of messages on Instagram asking where they were from, I figured I might have the makings of something. Clearly others were having the same issue.

Caveat: don't feel down on yourself here for not rustling up your own personalised prints for your children, I'm a Graphic Designer by trade

Since having Margot, a few friends have followed suit and made some small humans so, with all the new found time of a new mother (HA), I started sending them all drawings of those first family photos (you know, the cute ones where you still look happy because you don't know what is coming at you and you've not reached peak sleep deprivation yet) - they seemed to go down well.

So, nearly a year later and having been trapped under a sleeping baby for most of that with time to stew on things, I've plucked up the courage to put myself out there.

Essentially, it is time to find out if my friends were just humouring me or if there are actually people like me out there who don't want to adorn their kids' walls with primary colours and woodland creatures (nothing against squirrels).

I genuinely love creating my prints and illustrations and I hope that comes across throughout your purchase journey with Juniper Studio. It also means that I live for those messages from customers that want something a little bit different, so please get in touch if you're looking for something bespoke and we can always work together to find something you'll love!